After six months living here in Zagreb, I can say there is a particular basic knowledge you need to acquire if you want to survive (besides what’s your tram stop and where’s the nearest Konzum): some everyday words and expressions. So far, these are the ones I’ve found more useful and how do we say them in spanish (just in case some of you end up there some day).

  1. Dobar dan: Buenos días
  2. Bok: Hola
  3. Doviđenja: Adiós
  4. Hvala: Gracias
  5. Molim: Por favor / De nada
  6. Ulica: Calle
  7. Koliko košta?: ¿Cuánto cuesta?
  8. Akcija: Oferta
  9. Pivo: Cerveza
  10. Voda: Agua
  11. Kavana: Café
  12. Restoran: Restaurante
  13. Račun: Cuenta
  14. Disko: Discoteca
  15. Autobusni/Glavni kolodvor: Estación de autobuses/tren