Sunday is, for most of the people, the second worst day of the week after Mondays (that we will all agree that nobody likes them) This is why every Sunday I try to make it change to the second best day of the week (Fridays will always have the first position). Last Sunday was the perfect mix for making it the worst day of the week: it was Sunday and the weather part said that it will rain. Anyhow, we woke up early and we decided to change the day from “Sunday at home” to “special Sunday”. I think that the most interesting plans are settled on Sundays because it’s the only day that nobody has nothing planned to do, so every plan sounds greater on a Sunday.

We went to the street market Hrelić, located by the Sava River in Zagreb. By fortune, the rain started at lunch time, and by that time we had enough hours to buy two bicycles, one inflatable mattress and some disco lights for our living room. We sat down with all our equipment and we ordered some ćevapi. And, while we were there, I was thinking about how many Sundays we waste just because it’s the last day of the week. By the time that we have finished our meals I had already decided to make every Sunday different. Of course, it’s the perfect film day, and the last day we have in the week for finishing all the assignments that we still need to do for Monday. But it can also be the day of doing something for the first time. We went to that street market for the first time, and this week I think I will go to some museum also for the first time. I’ve decided it: Sundays will be my “first time” days. So please, if you know something new or special that will take place this Sunday, don’t hesitate to tell me. Don’t waste one more Sunday at home.