Project “Career KickOff” took place at La Noria in Malaga, Spain from 14th to 21st of January 2020. Countries which participated were Croatia, Spain, Latvia, France, Poland and Romania. Each team was consisted of six members. We were learning about starting our own entrepreneurship and how to become an entrepreneur.

On the first day we were getting to know each other and trying to remember all of our names. Croatian members connected to each other really quickly and become very close. Lana, Vita, Tanja, Dorian, Stipe and Dorotea were in charge of making the first national workshop. We prepared topic “Reasons of unemployment” by dividing members in national teams so we could find statistical numbers about our countries. And then we were discussing reasons of unemployment in mixed groups and were trying to find solutions of this problem. Other workshops prepared by national teams were “Market niche and business opportunities”, “My career plan”, “Youth that solves problems” and “Risks and precautions in entrepreneurship”. Every team did a really good job and have prepared nice and useful workshop.

Our second night at La Noria was reserved for intercultural night. Each national team brought some typical products from their countries to present culture through food and drinks. We showed each other traditional dances and tried to learn them. We were eating, drinking, dancing, laughing and had so much fun. Later that evening we went clubbing (what we actually did almost every night).

On 17th of January we had study visit to Polo Digital. It is a center primarily focused on supporting startups and entrepreneurs that promotes technological initiatives, advanced learning and transmedia projects. Polo Digital is a unique digital space for entrepreneurship, connect working, creative innovation and advanced training. We had few guides who were showing us around this amazing place which is filled with so much creativity. After we got knowledge in some new fields and got inspired it was time to relax. Our organisers Joanna and Pablo knew exactly the right place for that. They took us to the beach where we had picnic and were enjoying palms, sand, ocean, wind and sun.

Sunday was reserved for Asier, smart young man who was here to help us to get some ideas for our future job by asking key questions. We were working in groups and trying to find best solutions for each of us. Then we had another workshop where we had to imagine and draw ourselves in five and in ten years. Last workshop that Asier prepared for us was writing business plan and developing it to the very smallest details. Some things were hard and all of us were getting tired as the day was coming to its end, but Asier prepared interesting workshops which were very educational.

Last day was the hardest one for all participants. It was a day to say goodbye. It was a day to say thank you for being here. It was a day to write each other some kind note and message. It was a day to take some last photos. It was a day to have fun, to dance, to sing and of course to go to our last party. Because, always party, never inparty!

A very big and special thank you goes to Joanna and Pablo. If they weren’t here none of this would happen and we wouldn’t have such an amazing experience. They prepared great workshops, planned every day so we could use the maximum out of it. Joanna and Pablo were here for all of our problems and were just here for us all the time. I think all of us found a true friend in them. Thank you once again for everything! Hope to see you in some Erasmus project soon.