Alejandro Sánchez Comas is one of the students who arrived to Croatia within Erasmus programme to study here during the second semester of this academic year. He was born and raised in Mallorca, the biggest island of Spain and the second most populated of the country. Mallorca is the favorite holiday’s destination of a lot of tourists and of the Spanish Royal Family. Alejandro is studding on the University Rey Juan Carlos of Madrid, the fourth year of a Double Degree in Journalism and Visual Communication. He decided to move for a couple of months to meet new people and to carry out some objectives.

What do you expect from your Erasmus experience in Croatia?

I didn´t really know what to expect but so far, I think it will be really a good experience, learning new things, with new people, new teachers, and a new way of education. Comparing it with Spain it is the same Degree but the way they focus is really different. So we will see how all works, but for the moment I want to meet new people and get involved with the Croatian traditions and with the Croatian lifestyle.

Why have you chosen Erasmus in Croatia?

I had a few options to choose from, I made my choice by chance because I really didn´t know a lot about any of them, but Croatia sounded a bit different and I wanted to try it.

What steps did you take in order to get this Erasmus experience?

I went to my University to choose some place to go all around Europe, and I decided to choose Croatia. Then I began to fix all the papers like the Learning Agreement or the Grant Agreement with the two universities and finally I am here.

Is it easy to get to Zagreb from Spain by plane?Photo Alex 2

It is really not, the connections are bad and we had to do a lot of steps to come here, but the people told me that during summer the connections would be much better. I hope it is true!

What do you think about University North?

I think it is a small good University with good students and nice teachers. For the moment I have only been here for one month so to give an opinion I would have to spend more time in Croatia, speak more with all the people and know more about all the parts and the things of the University.

Is your University and the Croatian University different?


What do you think of Zagreb?

Wonderful! Zagreb is a welcoming city crowded with life and good ambient.

Tell me three things you love about Croatia.

The food, the people and the beer.

Now, three things you don´t like.

For the moment, the weather, the Koprivnica train communication with the University and the classes that are not in English.

Which is your the most Croatian activity, food or drink you have tasted?

I tried Burek and I love it, but also the thing I like more is Croatian beer (laughter).

What do you want to do before you leave Croatia?

For sure I want to travel to the neighboring countries and I want to visit all the places I can in Croatia, in other words to get the most out of this beautiful experience.

A trip you want to do in Croatia?

Definitely a car trip along the coast. I want to visit Split, Dubrovnik… all the coast.

Photo Alex 3

Do you miss your home and your family?

I have been here for one month already. I will see them again in the summer and maybe they will come to visit me in one month’s time, so I don’t miss them yet.

What do you miss the most?

I think if I had to choose something, my friends and the good weather, because it has been raining a lot here.

What advice would you give to any future students?

Take the most of it, get involved in it all, and immerse yourself in the culture!

Would you recommend an experience like yours to other students?

Yes, for sure.