This is the first time that I ́m living on my own. All my life I ́ve been living with my parents, and even in my previous university years, my university was just one hour from my home.

So when I first got my new apartment in Zagreb, which was going to be shared between four people, it was one of the things that made me more nervous. Four completely strangers sharing lives (and one bathroom). My flat mates from the first semester have already gone back to Spain and to their normal houses. But another three people were coming for the second semester to the apartment we ́re living in (the good thing was that I already knew all my new mates, so it wasn ́t a “starting from zero”).

My point is that with three people living with you, it is hard to find yourself alone at home. And I ́m a person that really needs some moments for myself. Yesterday, when I woke up everybody was already gone. I sat down in the coach with my coffee and my music on 100% volume just enjoying my loneliness. It ́s so important to work on that. To be alone with yourself and just thinking in your day, week or month.

People are so afraid of being alone, they don ́t normally enjoy the silence. But we need to do it. We need to learn to be alone. One thing is to be alone, and another one is to feel alone, which is not the same, don ́t misunderstand me. What I like is coming home and always finding my friends to talk about our day, having dinner together and watch a different chapter of a series. Just like a family. Just like I used to do with my parents. But yesterday, that coffee made me appreciate the silence and my own company. And when I finished it I just called my mates to do some Sunday plan (Sundays are for being with the family).
Take a moment, a coffee; turn on the music and listen to yourselves.

foto: Lara Moya